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Nail RehabDo you suffer from peeling, split or ridged nails? Do you have white spots, dents or weakened nails due to frequent nail enhancement removal? You’re not alone and there are many options available to you…

There’s no need to fake it!!…even celebrities are opting for a more natural look (no, we’re not talking about Rihanna). While artificial nails serve as a temporary beauty pick-me-up, clients often discover the damage and thinning of their nail beds after getting them removed.

Upon your complimentary nail consultation, we can tailor treatments to get you on the right road to your natural nail rehab, and your nails can still look good whilst doing it. Many clients find that Shellac offers enough power and protection to keep chipping and breaking at bay but some others need a little more help. We are able to offer a variety of solutions, including CND Smoothing Gel, IBX and IBX Repair System, to help you get your natural nails to a healthier, stronger state.

CND ShellacShellac is a premium product and at the NBN salon it’s coupled with a premium service. Our most popular treatment and THE celebrity favourite, CND Shellac is by far the world leading uv gel treatment on the market.

CND Shellac is 3-free (contains no formaldehyde, DBP (dibutyl phthalate) and toluene) and delivers 14+ day wear, superior colour and mirror shine that is instantly dry with no nail damage. Available in over 70 trend-setting shades and the ONLY product on the market where no buffing or filing of the natural nail is required. Visit our Nail Gallery or view all the Shellac Colours Here.

No nail tech needed! Yours to purchase and take home, available in all your favourite matching Shellac colours and requires no base coat, just colour and top coat. Fast-drying in 8.5 minutes, week-long, chip-free wear. Superior to all other polishes with its “ProLight Technology” and increasing durability when exposed to natural light. Take a look at all the Vinylux Colours Available.
CND Brisa Lite Smoothing GelSmooth out any ridges, dents or imperfections. Wear alone or partner up with Shellac for added protection and strength. No filing of the natural nail required and no soaking off as it is gently removed in the same way as Shellac.
IBX Repair System
IBX is a new revolutionary system created by Famous Names. It is a two-part system consisting of IBX and IBX Repair, it acts as a protective and strengthening shield for natural nails. It can help to treat nails that peel, have ridges or white spots. IBX is the first of its kind as its penetrative toughening system works inside the nail instead of just sitting on top. The result is a tougher nail that can grow naturally or act to protect the nail against frequent nail enhancement removal. Your recommended treatment programme will be determined after a full consultation where we can establish the most appropriate system to be used. Depending on the condition of your nails will determine the treatment frequency.
The heat provided by paraffin wax helps facilitate pain relief, increases blood flow, relaxation, helps tissue healing and loosens stiff muscles or joints. Paraffin wax is also a moisturising emollient, leaving oils on the skin that can be rubbed in after a treatment to make skin soft and smooth.